The Resilient Nurse | About Nurse Mo
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About Nurse Mo

Monique Doughty known by patients, colleagues and her audience as Nurse Mo, is a Critical Care Traveling Registered Nurse who has been exploring the country and spreading positivity about the Nursing Profession. Monique spent her formidable years in South Philadelphia in area where poverty, crime and stagnation was the status quo . Although her surroundings were not the most motivating her supportive and encouraging family helped her make her way to one of the most prestigious historically Black universities in the country, Hampton University. She attended Hampton in 2006.


Monique was a well-rounded student at Hampton. Monique was an Honor Student, Dedicated to her studies and a social butterfly. She was active in event planning and student leadership programs at Hampton University. Monique graduated from Hampton University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in 2010.

After Graduation, Monique moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she took her boards twice and was unsuccessful. Monique felt that she had failed at her career, she sulked and felt hopeless. Monique decided to snap out of her misery and take a job as a Patient Care Technician in the Renal Telemetry Unit at a Hospital in Georgia while preparing to retest for her NCLEX.
Monique overcame her fear of failure and “buckled down.” She became a Board Certified Registered Nurse in the state of Georgia. One week after passing her Boards, Monique was hired as an RN in the Renal Telemetry Unit; the same unit she worked in as a Patient Care Technician. Soon after, she began a challenging position as a Medical Intensive Care Staff Nurse at the #1 Level Trauma Center in Atlanta, Georgia – Grady Memorial Hospital.
In 2014 Monique decided to take a leap of faith and made a bold choice to start her journey as a Travel nurse. Monique moved 2,000 miles away from her comfort zone to the state of Nevada. Monique used Social Media as an avenue to share with others about her experiences . Fellow Nurses and Future Nurses were inspired by the journey that allowed her to travel to the top hospitals in the country, working in various areas of critical care.
The amazing and widespread feedback inevitably led Nurse Mo to her role as mentor and advocate for those who desire/are in the medical field, particularly in the Nursing Arena. Nurse Mo created her brand The Resilient Nurse LLC. to serve as a catalyst of her journey as a Traveling Nurse, share motivational videos and exhibit her mastery of work life balance.
Nurse Mo’s unique style of combining fashion and medical apparel is showcased in her role as Brand Ambassador for Cherokee Scrubs and Sapphire Medical Apparel. She serves as a Nursing Personality “Nursonalite” for Scrubs Magazine. In 2015 Nurse Mo made her TV debut as a featured guest Host on the Doctors TV Show.
Nurse Mo loves life and her career in Nursing. She takes pride in caring for others, whether in a hospital setting with her patients or mentoring a discouraged student. Her accomplishments were not easily attained but she remained resilient. Nurse Mo will continue to share her knowledge and bring others together to uplift, enlighten and master the art of Resiliency.