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Preparing For Your NCLEX

As nursing students, we dread taking the NCLEX®. Our mind is racing with many thoughts ahead of Test Day: “Will it shut off after 75 questions? Are we chained to the computer for 265 torture-filled questions? How overwhelmed will we be? Will we leave covered in sweat?” 

These feelings often lead some student nurses to binge eat, to sleep (or not) for 2 days or cry until we get our results. I used to say nothing could really fully prepare you for the NCLEX®. Before, the most you could do was take a live review course with Kaplan NCLEX® prep, believe in yourself and just PRAY! But with Kaplan’s new upcoming Computer Adaptive Test for the NCLEX®, which will offer the highest level of realistic NCLEX-RN® practice, on Test Day you can walk in knowing more of what to expect.

I’ve taken a sneak peek and I must tell you, Kaplan’s exclusive CAT feels even more like the real test! It adapts to your performance with more difficult questions as you answer each correctly.

CAT is a GAME changer because you can:

* Raise your confidence with multiple full-length tests designed to mimic the NCLEX®
* Gain experience with every question type, including select all that apply, multiple choice, and ordered response
* Get answer explanations for every question so you know why you got it wrong, and how to get it right
* Get reports that measure your progress, and help you move forward

Learn more about the upcoming launch of CAT on August 15, 2017 by visiting bit.ly/KaplanNCLEXPre-CAT. You can also sign up to a get an email reminder (and discount!) when CAT is released. 

Until then, need a refresher? Brush up on everything you need to pass the NCLEX® with 25% off In Person, Live Online, and Self Paced courses in July. Use code: PASSNCLEX25 by 7/31 at bit.ly/KaplanNCLEX25OFF.

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