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What the Health?!

When I first saw the documentary “What the Health” I immediately freaked the f*k out! I was familiar with veganism and this for sure wasn’t the first health documentary I had ever seen, but something about this one made me convert to a vegan literally seconds later. I vowed to never eat meat, dairy, or any products from an animal. I basically threw everything out of my fridge and after that…… I discovered how hard this vegan lifestyle was. Lol yes “What the Health” did scare me to being a vegan, but if you’re like me, you know that cheese is LOVE. Yes, it’s disgusting and has all of these negative health effects, but who was I kidding? I couldn’t go cold turkey and cut off all animal products, so I decided to wean myself off. Maybe you were like me and tried, but successfully failed at becoming a vegan overnight. So, instead of jumping into a vegan lifestyle, I’m choosing a healthier and more mindful lifestyle first. This lifestyle includes incorporating more of a plant based diet and READING food labels. We need to become more aware of the foods we put into our bodies. Regardless if you decide to never become a vegan, I do believe the importance of educating yourself on food. I suggest starting to try some more plant based foods. Hey, who knows? You just might actually like healthy food! Take time to try out new recipes, have fun, be the healthiest you YOU can be, and of course LOVE YOURSELF.
PS I FOUND THIS GREAT ARTICLE about transitioning to vegan. It gives you so much insight! And you have to watch this video I came across about transitioning into vegan diets. I found it super helpful, funny, and REAL! You can also check out these plant based recipes.

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