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Over the weekend, a video went viral regarding an incident that occurred on July 26, 2017 with charge nurse #AlexWubbels and a law enforcer.  A truck driver crash victim, William Gray, was admitted to the University of Utah Hospital burn unit in a coma. The wreck killed the other victim, and although comatose Gray was never a suspect, police still asked  for his blood to be drawn. Alex Wubbels refused to let officers draw a blood sample from the unconscious crash victim. Wubbels notified the officer that it was against the hospital policy procedures to take blood from a patient without their consent, a judge’s order, or unless the patient was under arrest. The officer mistook her following rules as a disruption to a police investigation. Wubbels was then arrested and dragged into a police car. She was later released and faced no charges after being detained for about 20 minutes. The footage was captured on a body camera video worn by  officers. As nurses, it is our direct responsibility to CARE for our patients. Often, we have to protect our patients from injustice, unsafe, and unethical practices. We act as ADVOCATES to better out patient’s mental and physical well being all while respecting their dignity. It saddens me that YET AGAIN those who are employed to protect and serve utilize their power in inappropriate ways.  Click the link below to sign the petition to raise awareness of the dangers of front line staff in healthcare and help #AlexWubbels receive justice. #IStandWithAlexWubbels

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