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Just Float

 A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for a deal on Groupon for a a therapy session which required me to float in an Epsom salt bath, free of all distractions to release everyday stress and anxiety at Just Float in Pasadena, CA, the world’s most advanced float center. The ad kept popping up all over my social media so I was quite interested to try it out. After a pretty hectic trip, I was most definitely looking forward to this special kind of floatation therapy. I had a million questions before I actually arrived to the center though. Should I bring a bathing suit or are you supposed to be fully undressed? I’m claustrophobic, is this going to scare the $**t out of me? A dark tank, what the hell? Walking into the serene center immediately eased my slight freak out. It was so peaceful and calm just being there in the front lobby. I checked in and was given a tablet that showed a video of what to expect. A young lady escorted me to the room I was going to be in and it was time to start the therapy. You are required to take a shower before you can get into the actual float tank and the body wash they provide smell absolutely AMAZING! I enjoyed my shower perhaps a little too much until I realized, I have an entire hour in this tank. I open the door, step inside the tank, completely emerge in the salt water, I hear the music playing soft and gentle, the lights get very dim, the music shuts off… Okay, it’s pitch black, the music is off and I literally just start floating, losing all sense of gravity. I freak TF out. Nope, I don’t like it. I get out, take a shower, calm my nerves, and then I decided to take a jab at it again! They said this is the one of the best relaxation methods so I’m going to give it a try again. Needless to say, I got out about two more times after that and then SUCCESSFULLY completed a 45 minute session of just floating. It’s something you certainly have to get adjusted to. I was able to just float and I actually enjoyed it. I felt so relieved afterwards. Being in the tank required me to LET GO. I let go all of the frustrations from the previous week I had. I was able to let my mind be free of every thing and just be present in that moment. After the float session, they offered a room for you to sip tea, color in the adult coloring books, read material, and or write your thoughts.

Who would’ve ever thought that floating in a dark tank with salt water was a form of therapy? Well, *brief history lesson, * it was invented by Dr. John C. Lilli and he basically wanted to know what would happen if the brain stopped receiving sensory information. Would it enter a state without activity or would it continue to act, relying on past information? The sensory deprivation isolation tank was developed in 1954 and years later became known as a “float tank” or “flotation therapy tank.” Floating in a flotation tank triggers a deep relaxation response, much deeper than normal sleep. It allows us to drift into the elusive Theta state which is quite difficult to achieve. During this theta state, our mind is capable of deep and profound learning, healing, and personal growth. Floatation therapy eliminates external stimuli and the central nervous system’s workload is reduced by as much as 90%.

You can learn more about floating by checking out Michael Hutchison’s The Book of Floating. I highly recommend everyone to try this unique form of therapy, especially after a very intense stressful week! justfloat.com

PS use the earbuds they offer or you might have salt in your ear for what seems like an eternity! Lol


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