Everything Travel Nursing | Latin Nurse Teresa’s Five Fit Tips During This Holiday Season
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Latin Nurse Teresa’s Five Fit Tips During This Holiday Season

Staying fit during the holidays is no easy task. All of the food you have been told to stay away from presents itself to you all that same time! So I’m here to give you a few quick tips on getting a head start on your New Year’s Resolution.

1. MEAL PREP! Pack your lunch and snacks in advance to avoid eating all of the holiday junk at work. If you know your work bestie is bringing by her famous chocolate chip cookies, try to limit yourself to only one. Snacks will keep you energized and it’ll help stop the cravings throughout your work shift. During this time of the year, I love keeping apples and almonds on hand. (insert statistic about almonds)

2. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! It’s winter and cold out so were less likely to drink water. Fill up those water bottles during your shift or challenge yourself to drink a gallon a day.. Your body doesn’t know if you’re hungry or thirsty, so go ahead and fill up on plenty of H20! Every two hours, guzzle down a bottle of water! If you need a little help staying hydrated, buy the cute water bottle from Target, and get used to filling it up multiple times throughout your day. You can also spruce up your water by adding lemon, lime, cucumbers, or even mint! If you’re filled up on water, all of the amazing food won’t be such a temptation.

3. NEW FITNESS MEMBERSHIP! If you’re in need of a more structural workout environment where equipment is available for use, joining a gym is a step you can take. Gyms are less busy and prices go up at the start of each year, so let this be a motivation to sign up now. (You can also simply find a gym buddy who already has a gym membership and tag along with them! If gyms aren’t necessarily your thing, there are exercise studios that offer deals and special promotions during the holidays, too! You can take advantage of free trial sessions offered at different fitness studios, such as YogaWorks, Hot8Yoga or Cycle House. Working out with a friend or a group of people will definitely get you motivated!

4. SET A CHALLENGE! Go on a hike, take a cycling or boxing class, ski for the first time, sign up for your first 5K, or you can even participate in some sort of weight lifting competition. LOL! Be RISKY! If that’s a bit extreme for you, give yourself an easier challenge like increasing the amount of miles you normally would run or by staying 10 more minutes on the StairMaster. If you’re someone like me who enjoys lifting, increase those weights! Spice up your routine, challenge yourself. It may be seem hard at first, but after you complete your workout, it will be so rewarding!

5.  PLAN AHEAD TO STAY ACTIVE! Plan your workouts so you can make them a part of your daily routine. Whatever physical activity you plan on engaging in, be it snowboarding, rowing, jogging, etc., set a designated time for it! Be sure to keep “Working Out” as apart of your daily regimen. It will do you much justice. Working out at the same times can also help. If you aren’t able to make time during your busy schedule, give yourself small fun things to do while working. Lunge from the car to the hospital, do some squats during your down time, think of anything! How ever you have to stay active, make sure you stick with the plans!

These 5 fit tips will help you get ahead and will make the commitment to your New Year’s Resolution much easier. Get a little bit of practice in now while you can before January 1st comes!


-Happy Holidays!

xxLatin Nurse Teresa <3

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