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Bali Blog with a Shanghai Cameo


Hey Guys! I hope my video inspired you all to book the next affordable flight you find! Check out some of my travel tips along with my detailed program for Bali:

Best Time to Visit Bali —
 Bali is hot and humid all year round, but if you want to avoid rain visit during dry season October through April

How to fly-– Check out Secret Flying. They have daily deals on flights from well know, well reviewed airlines. I like to book my flights far in advance so airfare is out of the way so I can finance and budget the rest of my trip later. Try to book on a major credit card instead of a debit card. Your credit card company will serve as a source of insurance for canceled flights and lost luggage. Review the airlines on your own and see what the reviews say so you can properly prep. When I flew to Bali, I flew with China Eastern for $450 USD round trip. It was far from a luxury experience, but it got me there safely and comfortably!! I read many reviews so I came prepared with all the essentials for my 13 hour flight, with a connecting 6 hour flight. These essentials included books, a neck pillow, an eye mask, ear plugs, snacks, my own heavy blanket, compression socks and sleep aides. If you get the opportunity, try to get a layover for over 24 hours so you can explore a new city!

How to pack– Bali is super laid back with bohemian vibes, so “No, girl! You don’t need the 6 inch heels!” It’s also HOT AF so try to skip the full face of make up. Bali also has amazing textiles for CHEAP, so come with an empty suitcase and fill up. Modesty also goes a long way when traveling solo.

COINS–  The total cost of my 2 country trip was around $1,600 USD. I suggest bringing your countries currency in cash because there’s no need to exchange before you go. There are currency exchange places literally on every corner, but I suggest exchanging at the airport . Balinese Currency: Rupee. Rupee is $13.50 for every $1.00 USD. My American dollars went a long way! In 7 days in Bali, living my best life, I spent $500 USD on everything except for lodging.


DO IT FOR THE GRAM– Want an awesome photo while traveling solo? ASK!! I am quite selective about who I ask to capture my perfect shot… Normally, I look for someone with the same phone as me who is taking another person’s photo and  getting the ANGLES. To make you feel better I’ve never been told, “no, I can’t take your picture.” so just ASK !  

Hotel Hopping— My bestie Ami traveled solo prior to my trip and she inspired me to hotel hop! I definitely suggest mixing up your vacation by changing lodgings. PS *Book refundable hotels in advance.* 

As said in my video, I like to make mini vacays out of my layovers. On this journey, I stayed in four different hotels and they all gave me totally different experiences. I found, researched and booked all my hotels on booking.com, tripadvisor.com, expedia.com and Airbnb.com.



China Pad

I chose Sofitel Shanghai Hyland because it was in the center of downtown and I could explore the most territory before my connecting flight.  This hotel was  super luxurious and the perfect balance of rest and exploration between long flights. Cost: $175 USD for one night.

A Room fit for a Queen

FIRST STOP IN BALI made me feel like royalty. I chose the Golden Tulip Semiyak Bali private pool suite. 900 sq ft of total luxury! Why not live like a queen? Cost: $300 USD for two nights. 

Dive Room

I took a boat to the beautiful Gili Trawangan Island where life is simple and there are no cars, taxis, or motorbikes. They did have lots of PARTIES though. I was dropped off on the beach and had to drag my luggage about a half mile on foot. Not so glam and an extreme culture shock coming from my room with a private freakin’ pool. I stayed at a small hotel, Gili Trawangan Dive Resort which was a cozy room only 500 ft away from the beach. Cost: $80 USD for two nights.


Private Villa Ubud is oh so magical! Ubud is filled with rich culture and fresh energy.  It was well worth the boat ride and 2 taxi rides I had to take to get there from Gili. In Ubud, I stayed in a private villa with a gorgeous outdoor bathroom oasis. The outdoor private patio overlooking the pool and rice fields was the best way to wake up and indulge in the complimentary breakfast that was served daily. There was an on site temple for prayer, they offered amazing spa services, and a FREE shuttle to the Ubud Center. Cost: $180.00 USD for 3 nights.


Getting Around

On some of the days, I made a list of things I wanted to see and used taxis, but for 2 days of my trip I had a private tour service through Nicki Bali Tour Services . It was around $40 USD per day. I had a private driver and tour guide for the entire day.


Check out some of the AMAZING photos I captured during my trip: 

  • Alexandria
    Posted at 20:54h, 12 December Reply

    Loved the Video. Very informative.it was perfect timing too ! I just booked a flight to Amsterdam for my birthday( jan 1) like you initially I didn’t want to go alone it just happened. I’ve been wanting to go on solo trip so I guess God or the universe wanted it that way. Im applying for nursing school in the summer so having all the adventure that I can . Thanks for video !

  • Monique
    Posted at 21:40h, 12 December Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing. Now I don’t feel so overwhelmed as I plan my trip!

  • Diamond
    Posted at 03:29h, 13 December Reply

    Beautiful!! You have inspired me to travel solo and I can not wait ! I want to start small and definitely will !!

    Thank You for sharing

  • Crystal
    Posted at 12:59h, 13 December Reply

    Great post

  • LaChasity Brown
    Posted at 17:16h, 13 December Reply

    I’m a travel nurse also who loves to travel internationally. It’s so hard finding travel buddies. Contact me. If you’re looking for a buddy .


  • Jordan Overbey
    Posted at 19:22h, 13 December Reply

    I tend to read blogs here and there.. but it’s usually only a dabble. however, this read is a revisit for sure. extremely insightful

  • Mel
    Posted at 21:30h, 13 December Reply

    I have been waiting for you to post about you’re amazing trip since you went! I follow you on socials and admire you from how much you love your career to how spontaneous and adventurous you are. A true role model! I can’t wait to start my solo trips as an RN!

  • Dameshia Taylor
    Posted at 21:29h, 14 December Reply

    Great read!! 👌🏾I’m actually following you because I’m a nursing student (in the making) and ig tagged you as a suggestion!! Glad I chose to follow!! 😘 I plan on traveling to Bali next year as a graduation gift to myself!! This was very insightful! Thank you!!

    • Nurse Mo
      Posted at 16:40h, 17 December Reply

      you will enjoy ! Thanks for reading 🙂

  • Valentina Ceasar
    Posted at 11:40h, 15 December Reply

    Nice blog! Finally took some time to check this out. I absolutely love the pictures and information 🙂

    Keep shining lite-brite!

    Smooches 💋

    Valentina Monet

    • Nurse Mo
      Posted at 16:40h, 17 December Reply

      much love , thanks for reading

  • Sharde
    Posted at 00:21h, 20 January Reply

    You inspired me to finally take my first solo trip. As a nurse, all my friends don’t have our schedule so why not just do it! Thank you for the tips

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