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Latin Nurse Teresa’s 5 Starts and Stops

I hope everyone had a great Christmas spending time with their loved ones. Have you gotten a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions? Here are 5 things  I plan on stopping and starting for the new year and the years to come…

5 Things I want to START Doing

1. Do one good deed each day. This doesn’t have to involve money. It could be complimenting someone, giving someone a hug, or doing something kind for someone. I think we get so wrapped up in our hectic days that we forget to return simple kindness.

2. Explore a new country annually. Each year I set a goal to travel to a new country to learn more about their culture and lifestyle and I want to make sure I continue this practice. I’ve managed to meet this goal for the past couple of years and I’m excited to keep on accomplishing this. I went to Cuba and learned how the history of Cuba and America influences there relationship today. For example, they don’t accept American credit cards and now I understand why. Another country I explored over the years was Costa Rica.  During my volunteer work in Costa Rica, at a children’s hospital they worked with minimal equipment and were still able to provide medical treatment with compassionate care. During my first trip to Europe I visited Paris and Italy. I learned some art History and that they love taking their afternoon siestas to help them regroup. Something I think Americans would benefit by doing. This year’s trip will be somewhere in Southern America. So stay tuned. 🙂

3. Choosing to start each day with Gratitude. It’s great to start your day with a positive reflection of what you’re thankful for. So start each day with a statement, “I am grateful for… “. For example, recently I told myself that I am grateful for the support of my family. Being a Latina helps me appreciate the importance of family ties in Hispanic culture. Starting each day with a statement of what you are thankful for will improve your mood and overall positive thinking, GUARANTEED!

4. Meditate daily. Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour a day, I want to be able to set in stillness to release any stress, tension, or anxiety and maintain high energy throughout my day. I can feel the benefits of mediation in my increased inner self-awareness which often gives me a new prospective.

5. Invest money into my life goals. Since I’ve become a travel nurse, I sometimes splurge on expensive dining, and shopping. For example I travel with 20 different lipsticks. So instead of spending my money on frivolous things, this year I’ve decided to invest more of my money into more meaningful things like my brand or purchasing my first home.

5 Things I want to Stop Doing

1. Caring too much about what others think. I sometimes tend to take people’s criticism too seriously which causes me to get upset. In reality, I’m letting that person have control of my feelings about myself. In the past I have let the negative energy of others influence my attitude. Life is too short to let others dictate your thinking.

2. Being lazy when it comes to meal prepping. I’ve been a tad bit lazy with meal prepping and tired of eating my same meals so I’ve been eating out more. At restaurants I select healthier choices like salmon, chicken or salad, but I don’t feel it’s the same as cooking from home. My goal is to cook multiple meals at a time and start freezing some of them to reduce the need to eat out. It also saves you money. Eat right feel right. If you have some recipes, feel free to send them over to me!

3. Self Doubt. “We all have strengths and things we are good at so just go for it. Stop questioning yourself and delaying your dreams. We all need to live the best life we can and not let our insecurities take over.” I have to stop my own self doubt and start really telling myself those things.

4. Stop being judgmental. Stop beating myself up and start giving myself more compliments and credit. I tend to do this with my fitness goals or personal goals. I want fast results and want to accomplish my goals instantly. *PS Remember to appreciate your body and how far you’ve come and the goals you’ve already accomplished.

5. Stop playing it safe or waiting for a better time. We always hear that there is never a perfect time to take a risk and if you wait around for it, it will never come. So I plan to start living my full life now. I’m going to stop letting fear get in the way. For example, I was scared to start travel nursing. I kept pushing it off after I filled out several applications to the point I started stressing myself out. I finally said to myself just pick one already! So I did and accepted a job offer. Learn to distinguish between fear and careful risk. If you’re carefully weighing alternatives and have considered all the possibilities then commit to it. Don’t look back or second-guess yourself. Look forward and embrace your dreams.


I hope you challenge yourself to start and stop 5 things! Feliz Año!


-Latin Nurse Teresa

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