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Healthy Skin Vlog

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my unfiltered posts and stories showing off my bare face, I’ve learned to love myself without makeup. I have been getting a ton of emails and direct messages about my skin care regimen and diet. The truth is I tried a vegan diet for about 11 months and eventually caved in for a pizza. I am great at drinking 2.5-3 liters of water daily, but I struggle with my diet. I’ve realize I don’t have to put labels such as “vegan, vegetarian, junk food junkie” on my diet. Instead, I read the labels and understand exactly what I am ingesting. So sometimes it’s a green smoothie and sometimes it’s a cupcake. LOL! Either way, I try to make informed decisions about what I put in and on my body! Let’s face it we need this temple for the REST of our lives.

One of the first things I learned in nursing school was that skin is the body’s largest organ. Later on I learned that skin absorbs about 60-70% of what we feed it with. What we put on our skin makes a way into our blood, tissues and organs, and therefore has an impact on our health just as much as, if not more than, what we put into our mouth. So if you’re putting toxic chemicals onto your skin, (yup, all that stuff you can’t pronounce in the ingredients of your fancy face wash), you’re ultimately just adding to the harsh chemicals (pollution, herbicides, pesticides, etc) that are causing the many imbalances in our health daily.

About a year ago, I made a conscious effort to choose green beauty products mainly because my skin was popping when I was living my best vegan life, but also because I wanted to lessen the amount of harsh chemicals in my beauty routine. I tried a facial with Osea Malibu in May 2017 and it was an amazing experience. I learned so much about my skin! I left with enough of their products for about a month and my skin became more clear, elastic, and bright. I was sold and have been using their products since! I am a full time nurse, full time entrepreneur, and part time dare devil so I don’t have time to wear makeup everyday. Radiant bare skin is very necessary for my busy lifestyle. My skin care regimen with Osea helps me to feel confident enough to leave home everyday without a drop of makeup! Yessss to the melanin poppin’ ! Check out my daily skin routine here:

Osea – stands for Ocean + Sun + Earth + Atmosphere.They represent the elements of wellness and it is pronounced like “oh-see-yah”. Their products  are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and plant-based, with glass bottling for that extra special touch. Osea uses USDA certified organic seaweed sourced from Patagonia, where the waters are clean, pristine, and nutrient rich.  Seaweed is exceptionally nourishing for the skin.  You can read all about their seaweed here :).

For free shipping on your next order with Osea Malibu use code — “NURSEMOFREESHIP” Valid until 03.15.2018

Recently, I had a facial with Nicholle at Benessere Skin Care in Santa Monica, California. The experience was tranquil and relaxing. Technology was involved to transform my skin on the molecular level. All the products used were natural and plant based; nothing was harsh or aggressive. Nicholle was so educated on all the ingredients used throughout the facial. Nicholle is truly a skin guru and an ingredient nerd (which I loved ). Check out some pictures from my facial experience below:



Be kind to the largest organ in you body .


Nurse Mo


  • Patricia
    Posted at 22:51h, 13 January Reply

    Thanks you for sharing… I actually purchased their products a few months back when my face was going berserk lol however my dermatologist informed me to donless and stick with my prescription . I have and it’s sooo much clearer and skin derma vitamins . But I would occasionally use the sea mist.. I love it!!!! Now that my skin is better behavied I’m going to try using my osea products again.. only issue I notice some natural products have a negative effect on my body … I don’t if it’s because it needs time to adjust or just a pertixulade ingredient … either way gonna give it a shot again cause I love the idea of an all natural skin line that actually is effective

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