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Under 5 Minute MakeUp for Work

I hope you guys had a chance to check out last week’s post on healthy skin, which is the base to any gorgeous makeup look. I personally view makeup as a way to enhance our natural beauty instead of a way to hide our “imperfections” (so ladies first love yourself 🙂 )

I tried watching these 30 min YouTube tutorials on full face contoured looks and think “WHO TF HAS TIME FOR THIS?“ LOL. For the people who have the time and skill to apply a professional looking beat face, I applaud and admire you! However, I personally don’t have time, energy, or the skill set to apply 6 layers of makeup especially not prior to a 12 hour shift!

If you checked out my skin care tutorial you know my reasons for choosing products with non toxic ingredients (other than duhhhh I don’t wanna be toxic.) For the most part I like to stick with Glossier products because they are user friendly for a makeup dummy like myself and also because many of glossier products are vegan friendly. All my products are not vegan friendly, but I am doing my best to transition into green beauty. At the end of the day my makeup routine is low maintenance and friendly to the skin underneath the makeup (MAJOR KEY!)

Check out my video where I do my standard work makeup look in under 5 min that lasts a full 12 hour shift!

Shop my favorite products below, plus get 20% off your first order and free shipping when you spend $30 or more.


-Nurse Mo

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