I AM RESILIENT–luxe candle/body oil



Create a tranquil and harmonious environment with aroma therapy in the most luxurious form. Two signature scents sold exclusively here will take you on an exotic vacation while simply being in your home. This candle will help you to let go of stress and remind yourself that YOU CAN OVERCOME ALL ADVERSITY!  Solid candle contents can be applied  to pressure points and worn as a body fragrance.

  • Includes: box, candle and dust cover
  • Natural contents made from coconut oil (does not contain soy)
  • 60-80 Hour burn time (WOW that’s a long time !)
  • Hand Poured (Yup no factories involved)
  • Vegan
  • Can be applied to skin when solid (unisex)
  • Made in Los Angeles


For The Resilient!!


Additional Information

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